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Chengdu TianHeng Powder Carbide Tools Co., Ltd. is one of leading carbide

manufacturers of China.

Since incorporated as a privately owned company in 1992 by a top carbide

scientist of China and his colleagues, Tianyuan has served the industry by

supplying high quality tungsten carbide products based on its leading

technologies. In recent years, the company have developed a number of new

technologies for carbide alloy under the support of the government technology funds. Some of these technical inventions have been widely known in the

industry as Tianyuan received more and more technical achievement awards.

Chengdu Tianheng Tungsten Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.

The development of various types of quality of customer demand, to undertake the customer needs

of large, small, thin, long and other complex, difficult various products.



With senior experts, engaged in the hard alloy industry for more than 40 years, professional

production team, advanced technology and equipment

Modern machining requirements of the tool
In many conjectures, predictions, hopes, the era has finally entered the 21st century. In the 21st century, the social and industrial structure will develop toward a circular economy, energy-saving an
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Global cemented carbide market development status quo
Currently there are 600-700 carbide manufacturers (excluding small and medium-sized enterprises in China's domestic scale). The world's leading manufacturers of cemented carbide are: Sandvik Sweden, t
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Mine granite with carbide ball
Mine granite carbide tooth, for a variety of rock abrasion resistance, excellent impact resistance. Carbide is the best material for producing carbide spheres widely used in the drilling of medium an
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